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    Our primer location in Weehawken NJ, where we can offer all our members spa needs in one location. 
    Eye Lashes


Society Massage 60 Min.

A relaxing Swedish massage tailored to your needs and includes complimentary hot towels. Unwind in the hands of our therapists for a truly transcending experience!


Society Couples Massage

A healing, healthy, and stress free experience. Couples who strive to practice a healthy lifestyle can enjoy the benefits of a massage together. 60 min.


Society Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones encourage blood flow, soothe muscle tension, and promote deep relaxation. 60 min.


Mother To Be Massage

Pre-natal massage is a therapeutic treatment that enhances function of muscle joints, improves circulation, relieves mental and physical fatigue. 60 min.


Body Cupping Therapy

Cupping techniques are combined with tradional massage to easily help loosen muscles, break down stubborn trigger points, and encourage blood flow to relieve stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, and more! 60 min.


Sports Therapy

Stretching techniques are incorporated into this custom massage to boost performance, prevent injury, and improve mobility. 60 min.


Express Reflexology

Perfect to fit into your schedule. Stimulate nerve function, increase energy & circulation. Induces a deep state of relaxation and eliminates toxins from the body. 30 min.


Invigorating Facial Tension & Scalp Relief

Stimulates the facial muscles, bringing oxygen to the area which is a natural form of anti-aging. Enhances circulation and reduces headaches. 30 min.


Hot & Cold Fusion Massage

Utilizes hot stones and an ice roller to soothe congested muscles and reduce inflammation in a treatment that is nothing less than spectacular!


Massage Upgrade Services

30 Min Add On


Full Body Deep Tissue


Detox Balance Booster

Floods the kidneys with energy to detoxify the body and stimulate the immune system.


Therapeutic Essential Oils



Society Facial

A customized organic facial for both men & women. Includes a skin analysis and mild extractions. 60 min.


Society Acne Facial

Deep cleansing to help regulate oil production. Focuses on healing adult and teen acne, preventing future breakouts while reducing inflammation &redness. 60 min.


Hydra-Fusion Facial

Walk out with radiant dewy skin! Gently detoxifies and removes surface impurities for all skin types. Features light enzymatic peel combined with LED therapy for your skin type. Leave with infused hydration and a glow that lasts for days. Includes 4 days of take home therapy ampoules to maximize results! 60 min.


IS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

Resurfacing skin treatment which promotes anti-aging, hydration and luminosity to the skin. Referred to as The Red-Carpet facial. 60 min.


IS Clinical Honey Enzyme Facial

Luxurious and hydrating for sensitive skin types. 60 min.


Illuminize Facial

The perfect remedy for skin that needs to be revitalized. Brightens and evens skin tone, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. Includes designer peel. 60 min.


Age-Defying Facial

Anti-aging for mature skin that tightens and lifts while stimulating collagen and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Includes a microcurrent lift! 60 min.


Resurfacing Back Treatment

Relaxing treatment using botanical enzymes to deep cleanse and resurface the skin. 60 min.


Facial Upgrade Services

Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening

Choice of forehead, eyes, cheeks, or double-chin. This will help smooth fine lines, lift, tighten, and stimulate collagen production. Perfect for events or preventative care.


Seaweed Algae Mask

Designed to restore hydration, tone, and balance with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.


Luscious Lip Treatment

Softens fine lines around the mouth while stimulating collagen growth for a fuller look.


Collagen O2 Luxury Mask

Luxurious collagen-oxygen mask absorbs into the skin for immediate results & boosts collagen production.


Wax Treatments

Lip, Chin, Cheeks, or Ears


Eyebrow Shaping




Bikini - Line/Full


Arms - Half/Full


Full Face




Legs - Half/Face


Back, includes partial shoulders


Eyelash Extensions

Society 60 Lashes Per Eye
​2 Week Touch Up (20 Lashes)
​3 Week Touch up (40 Lashes)


Glamorous 80 Lashes Per Eye
​2 Week Touch Up (40 Lashes)
​3 Week Touch Up (60 Lashes)


Voluminous 100 Lashes Per Eye
​2 Week Touch Up (60 Lashes)
​3 Week Touch Up (80 Lashes)


Lash Removal & Cleaning



Our masseuses offer a wide variety of techniques that you can mix and match to best help your body's unique needs. 

Skin & Facials

We offer our members the largest variety of skin care and facial options so that we can correctly help them maintain their healthy glow. 


Relax while our skilled staff help you get long lasting hair removal with Wax Treatments. 

Eyelash Extensions

Get beautiful full lashes without needing to put on mascara.

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